Summary: Can I connect an Apple LaserWriter Plus locally?

From: Krista van Laan (
Date: Fri Jun 21 1996 - 06:04:10 CDT

Thanks to all the people who answered my question about connecting
the LW Plus locally to my SPARCstation. I took a little advice
from everyone, found out I was doing several things wrong, and
got it running in no time. The following from Markus Weber is
a pretty complete summary. Thanks again to everyone who helped.

Ok. Here are the step I usually send out on printer setup request. One
thing you should also check:

        Do you need a null modem cable or a regular serial one?
        I use a null modem cable!

Now the steps:

        (<s># - you local machine; I also include steps to make this
         printer available to other machines)
        (<c># - a possible client machine, who want's to print to your

        1. shutdown local print service

                <s># lpshut

        2. enable remote print from other machines to your printer
           (or add a + line in /etc/lp/Systems)

                <s># lpsystem -t bsd <c1> <c2> ...
                <c># lpsystem -t bsd <s> (??? can't remember if this
                                                 was necessary)

        3. add the remote printer to the clients db

                <c># lpadmin -p lw -s <s> (???

        4. add the printer on your local machine

                <s># lpadmin -p lw -h -I postscript -o nobanner -T PS -v \
                <s># lpadmin -p lw -i /etc/lp/interfaces/lw

        5. modify the interface script (some stuff like stty can also be
           done with lpadmin, but I usually do it in the script)

                replace L331 'nobanner="no"' with 'nobanner="yes"' to avoid
                  the banner pages

                replace L505 'FILTER="/usr/lib/lp/postscript/postio"' with
                    'FILTER="/usr/lib/lp/postscript/postio -L /var/adm/lp.errors\
                   -R 2"'

                replace L554 '9600' with '38400' to get better performance or
                  to reflect your speed

        6. maybe make your local printer the default one

                <s># lpadmin -d lw

        7. restart print service

                <s># /usr/lib/lpsched
                <s># enable lw
                <s># accept lw

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