Summary:Relocating SBus cards

From: Coffindaffer, Virginia (
Date: Thu Jun 20 1996 - 20:16:00 CDT

Hi all,

Problem was:
Our site had to replace a SCSI SBus card with a SPARCstorage array controller
on a SPARCcenter 2000. We had all the patches and drivers loaded and still
could not see the SPARCstorage array(SSA). It turned out to be a hardware
problem - the Fiber Channel Port card on the SSA.

  I learned quite a bit from those who responded. Some files that need to be
edited and tohers eliminated if you replace an SBus card with a different
SBus card. Most everyone that sent an answer pointed to the
/etc/path_to_inst file that is looked at to create any new devices that occur
with a "boot -r" or a drvconfig command. It is very important to make a
backup of this /etc/path_to_inst file before editing out the old SBus info.
I was told to not eliminate it because the system might not boot. ( I'm not
so sure about this but if you feel brave enough, you can try it.) Also all
devices in the /devices and /dev directories that correspond to the removed
SBus card, must be removed.

The following appears to be the answer when replacing one SBus card with
another in the same location:

1. Make sure your hardware is functional !!! (THis was our real problem.)
2. Save the /etc/path_to_inst file to another name. Then edit the
path_to_inst file taking out the old SBus info and all its related devices.
3. Remove all instances under /devices and /dev that relate to the old SBus
card. Be careful with all this !
4. Reboot the system with a "boot -r" and this will rebuild the devices and
add to the path_to_inst file.

Thanks to all that responded:
Leif Hedstrom
Johnie Stafford
John Malick
Jim Napier

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