Summary Printing from NT to SPARC Print Server

From: Townsley, Bill (
Date: Thu Jun 20 1996 - 11:56:00 CDT

This is a summary of responses to my posting requesting help
printing from an NT box to a Solaris 2.4 print server. Here is
my original post:

> Does anyone know how to get a Solaris 2.4 machine to
> accept print jobs from an NT server. That is, I've got a
> Solaris machine that is the print server for my network.
> I want to have the NT server send jobs to the Solaris
> box, which will then print the jobs out on its various HP
> Network printers. This works fine on an existing SunOS
> 4.1.3 machine, but when I try to point the NT at the Solaris,
> the jobs leave the queue on the NT, but never make
> it to the Solaris machine.

The majority of responses pointed me in the direction of the PD
utility Samba. Samba claims to enable Suns to share filesystems
and printers with NTs, Windows for WorkGroups and Windows 95
machines. For those interested, the URL for Samba is:
Also - everyone who recommended Samba seemed very
impressed with it.

A few other responses pointed me to the JetDirect cards as the

Still more indicated that it was in the configuration of the printers
using Print Manager under Admintool.

Some said the problem was the difference between Solaris lp
and SunOS lpr.

However, the final solution (and one that I should have guessed)
was to install the lp Jumbo patch 101959. I apologize for troubling
you find Sun Pros when the problem was a patch that should have
already been installed.

Many thanks to those who responded:

Especially Roderick W. Failing III - the man with the solution

Anthony M. Goonetilleke
Bert Shure
Brent Bice
John D Groemveld
Peter L. Buschman
Juergen Kraemer
Amy Hollander
Dave McFerren
Cary Gray
Carylyn Audilet
Ton Truong

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