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Date: Thu Jun 20 1996 - 11:25:40 CDT

Hello, and thanks for all of the great responses!

Original Query:

> I am looking for a comprehensive list of workstations and servers
> created by Sun (or clone makers). I have searched the net and have
> not found what I need. (Obviously, the search engines know what I
> should have been looking for... ;-)
> For example, there is a few lists out that list all of Apple's
> Macintoshes, including first ship date, last ship date, software
> requirements, default hardware, etc.

The most correct resource obtained from a majority of the responses
was a quote from the hardware reference faq:

> compiled by James W. Birdsall
> (
> This document is available via anonymous FTP from in
> /pub/Sun-Hardware-Ref as a .tar.Z, .zip, or individual parts in the
> parts directory. It is also available from in
> /pub/ru/rubicon/sun.hdwr.ref.

Thanks to all of the following people for their responses!

From: (Andrew H. Evans)
From: (Steve Gray)
From: (Oliver Landsmann)
From: (Brett Lymn)
From: james mularadelis <>
From: Alex Finkel <>
From: Gregg TeHennepe <>
From: Benjamin Cline <>
From: Bert Shure <>
From: Francis Liu <>


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