Summary : How many problems with Micropolis 9GB HD

From: Harvey Berenberg (
Date: Wed Jun 19 1996 - 13:19:33 CDT

Hi Sun managers,

****** The question was:

>Our Micropolis 9GB disk drive is being replaced after just 90 days, and I'm just
>wondering if any other people have also had bad experiences with their
>Micropolis 9GB drives.
>Are there other 9GB drives that people have good or bad things to say about?

****** The summary is:

        Micropolis 9GB
                okay 7
                not okay 5

        Seagate 9GB
                okay 3
                not okay 2

Note: I added the numbers when people used numbers. I used 1 if the response did not indicate numbers.

****** The answers were:

Our micropolis/andataco 9 GB external drive started giving bad media
errors after less than a year of fairly mild usage. The worst part is
that it's taking well over a month to get something back. We sent the
unit back the first week of may and we still have nothing to show for it,
and this is WARRANTY service. Fortunately we're not crippled, but it's
just plain luck that we have something to fall back on for interim
use. I'm disappointed with micropolis and would be reluctant to
purchase any more of their products... Don (


In a past job, one of my customers lost 2 (out of 2) in about 18

Thank god they were mirrored.


        Guess what! - Microp 9Gb disk problems for us..
        actually twice :-(

        The latest was our new Ultra delivered late Feb and set up in March.
        It had an external Microp 9Gb disk that went 'bad' about a month ago.
        It's currently being repaired.

        Also, last year, the same thing with a similar drive attaced to
        a Sparc-5; although that lasted a little longer before we had
        trouble with it (about 4-5 months, I think).

        So, as they say, you are not alone!

PS - Ultra now has a 760Mb old Maxtor disk on it ...... :-(


The model 1991? We've been running 5 of them for about a year with no


We have had zero problems with our micropolis 9gb drives.

I have one for my news in a Sun clone (Aries) since january and I have =
no problems whit it... so far.

I've heard only rumors about Micropolus. Personally, I've never had any
trouble with them. "we" use a lot of Seagates here tho...


I can't say about Micropolis, but I had a pair of Seagate 9GB's which TOASTED my Sparc 20's Motherboard SCSI.....with SMOKE!
I'm using four 4GB drives instead, more spindles means more speed anyway.


We have had a few problems with seagate 9gb drives.


We have been using a Seagate Elite 9 disk drive model ST410800N/ND on a SS10
with no problems.


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