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From: Christopher E. Olaes (
Date: Wed Jun 19 1996 - 09:58:38 CDT

Here is my original message:
> Hi Everyone,
> I am curious if anyone knows how to determine what X11 Release I am
> currently using....
> Is there a command to determine this, or is it something that is
> in the documentation that comes with the media..
> In general, I would like to know what x11 release I am using
> on Solaris 2.4 and Solaris 2.5 as well as SunOS 4.1.4 and 4.1.3
> Any help would be appreciate
> Chris

Thanks to all who replied....
Many of you told told me to take a look at xdpyinfo in /usr/openwin/bin.
Although xdpyinfo has alot of useful info, it did not however tell me
what X11 Release I am using.......

The correct way to find out what X11 Release you are using came from
George Goffe.

For solaris 1
grep XtSpecificationRelease /usr/include/X11/Intrinsic.h

For solaris 2
grep XtSpecificationRelease /usr/openwin/share/include/X11/Intrinsic.h

And that will give you the release you are using...

In general:
SunOS 4.1.x Openwindows 3.0 and below is X11R4
Solaris 2.x Openwindows 3.1 and above is X11R5

Thanks again to all who replied


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