SUMMARY: RAID5+Disksuite, how much space does parity take?

From: William J. Sproule (
Date: Tue Jun 18 1996 - 10:07:51 CDT

The answer: 1 disk of space is used for parity on RAID5 (or RAID3)
The more disks, the less 'waste'. In this case, I'll have 12GB
is usable space. This about what I suspected. Having looked
at this futher, I'll probably through an extra disk or
two in the RAID for expansion.

> I am looking at building a RAID5 system using 4x4GB disks,
> with a 5th disk as a hot spare. The data will be a mixture
> of source files and binaries, typical GNU stuff, sun compilers,
> mostly RO systems. Out of the 16GB of total space, how much is
> used for parity storage?

Thanks to everyone who replied:

john heasley <>
Carlos Enrique Ungo <>
"Bushman, Gonzo" <> (Geert Devos)
Matthew Stier - Imonics Corporation <>
Ronnie Altit <> (Jeff Wasilko) (Niall O Broin - Gray Wizard)
Dougal Scott <>
Jeff Fisher <>
Andi Paton <>


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