SUMMARY: NIS w/4.1.x on multiple subnets possible?

From: Preston Brown (
Date: Tue Jun 18 1996 - 09:26:46 CDT

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Torsten Metzner wrote:

Original Question:

I have a NIS network running in the subnet. These are all
SunOS 4.1.3/4.1.4 boxes. However, Yale has recently run out of
subnet addresses and has started handing out addresses. I can't
seem to get any machines to do NIS on this subnet because when they
broadcast looking for a NIS server they can't find one.

There seemed to be a general consensus among all who replied (and there 
were many, thanks!) that there are two possible ways to handle this.  
Some people suggested both.  I have included such a response below.

> (1) You need a NIS server on every subnet. This is the recommended > method. Just put a new slave server on the 130.132.151 net. > We use this method for many years "without" any problems. > > (2) You can change your /etc/rc.local file. > > Change ypbind in your /etc/rc.local file to: > > /usr/etc/ypbind -ypsetme > /usr/etc/yp/ypset <Master NIS Host IP Address> > > Otherwise your machine does a broadcast to find the YP server, but > if there is no YP server on your segment you have a problem.

Thanks to all who replied.

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