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From: Niall O Broin - Gray Wizard (
Date: Tue Jun 18 1996 - 03:07:39 CDT

I while ago I asked whether it was possible to automate format other than by
piping commands to it. I got a number of answers (see the cast list below)
including one person who suggested I RTFM - for shame ! Actually, he suggested
that I do this to read about the -f option which is basically the same as piping
to format except that format does not expect answers to continue messages from
a -f command file. Anyway, I didn't want to use either piping or -f if possible
because I think that there are too many opportunities for a finger slip with the
numbers. The bouquet goes to Stephen P Richardson <> who suggested
that I modify my format.dat (or use a custom version with the -x option) and
add a partition table which suited my needs. I still had to use a command file
to format but I didn't mind that too much - it was quite simple and completely
bereft of cylinder numbers.

Thanks also to

Jens Fischer <> (Martin Achilli)
Salvatore Saieva <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) (Marc S. Gibian)
Stephen P Richardson <>
Henry Katz <>
Daniel Lorenzini <>

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Niall O Broin

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