SUMMARY: Problem using "dir" in anonymous ftp

From: Kontoyianni Vicky (
Date: Mon Jun 17 1996 - 18:03:00 CDT

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> Hello Sun Managers,
> I have recently installed wu-ftp (ver 2.4) on an SS5 Workstation running
> Solaris 2.4.
> The problem is that the anonymous user can get a listing of the directory
> contents only if he uses the "ls" command. Neither "ls -l" nor "dir"
> whereas the above work fine for the rest of the users. The same thing
> happened
> when I used the standard Operating System ftp server.
> Any ideas out there?

Thank you all for your immediate answers. I should have copied a number of
libraries from /usr/lib under ~ftp/usr/lib and ...accidentally one was

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