Summary: Solaris 2.4 with menus -- problems with menus

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> Subject: Solaris 2.4 with xdm -- problems with menus
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> I have set up xdm to start in rc3.d. I find that this causes a number
> of menu items (in /usr/openwin/lib/openwin-menu-xxx) to no longer work
> correctly. An example is xlock. I can run it from the command line and
> it works fine, but not from the menu. This must be an ownership
> problem. Does anyone know of a fix? All of the menus which I have
> create in my $HOME also suffer the same fate. I think the problem is
> that the desktop has not inherited my environment. I essentially need
> to "login" to the window system so that it inherits my
> environment. Any suggestions?

Thanks to the following for their advice :-

 Justin Young <> (Danny Johnson 0172547) (Mark Crowley) (Markus Weber) (Kris Briscoe)
 Kenneth Simpson <>

George Cameron had the right answer. viz

  I think it's becaues it needs an interactive terminal attached so it has
  access to the keyboard and mouse. If you use something like:

    "Lock Screen" exec xterm -name XLock -iconic -e xlock

  I think you might find it works.

I added this to my home menu and it works fine. In addition, I need to
add some well-known paths to the Xsession file unless I must expect
to provide full path names in all my menus etc etc.

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