SUMMARY: changing netmask and allowing rlogin for root

From: Thang Victor Dinh (
Date: Thu Jun 13 1996 - 16:18:09 CDT

Thanks you all for responding to my post. I had a typo in my original post which misled almost everyone to believe that my syntax to inconfig was the problem. Sorry ! I did ran the command "ifconfig le0 netmask". Special thanks to Greg Kranz (who pointed out that the interface has to be down first) and Mike Varney (who reminded that ifconfig shows the netmask in hex) for their correct response.

Thank you to:
jason Nooman
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Geroge R. Golfe
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Mike Varney
Miquel Cabanas
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Greg Kranz
Roger Klorese
John Bradley
Rasana Atreya
Nikos George


system: sparc10 with solaris 2.5

1. how do you change the netmasks ? I have tried "ifconfig le0", but the output of "ifconfig le0" doesn't show the change. I have also tried to put it in the /etc/netmasks file. That also didn't seem to do it.

2. I believe on solaris 2.5, there is a security protection that would not allow root to rlogin to another station. If you try, it returns an error message something like "no console ...". How do you turn this off so that root can rlogin ?


1. (a) add "" to /etc/netmasks file and reboot for permanent OR (b) just til next rebooot, take the interface down first with "ifconfig le0 down" and then "ifconfig le0 netmask" Remember the output of "ifconfig le0" will show the netmask in hex = ffffff00.
2. go to /etc/default/login and comment out the line

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