SUMMARY: DHCP software for Sun

From: Cindy Yoho (102336.1766@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Wed Jun 12 1996 - 11:04:39 CDT

Sorry this took so long but you know how it is...

The consensus is that

        1. DHCP server s/w does NOTcome with Solaris 2.x
        2. DHCP server s/w DOES come with Solstice PC/Admin
        3. There are free packages out there
        4. There are commercial ( for sale) packages out there
                SolarNET pcnfs was mentioned as one.
        5. The cheapest solution is SAMBA
        6. The best product is at

No one had any helpful hints on doing this, except for one person who pointed me
to an
FAQ at

We haven't made a decision yet, but since we are such a "mixed" shop, (Suns,
HPs, PCs, Macs and DECs) it looks like we will probably go with a PC running
Windows/NT since it comes with a DHCP package.
Thanks to the following for taking time to answer :

        Steve Williams
        Justin Young
        Michael Price
        Danny Lee
        Koen Peeters
        Alan Coopersmith
        Dave Miner
        Bevin Steer

My original question:
> Does Solaris 2.x come with a DHCP server package?
> And if not (or even if it does!) what is the best DHCP package out there to
> on a Sun?
> Would anyone have any experiences to share that would make our attempts to set
> one up easier?

Thanks again -


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