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From: Andrew F. Mitchell (
Date: Fri Jun 07 1996 - 10:09:14 CDT

My original message asked if there was an opinion on modems
to be used in a small dialup pool. Apparently there was. ;-)
I got a lot of reponses - at this point you've all been thanked
personally (any more messages that come in, please consider
this your thank you!)

Anyway consensus was as follows:

Of 34 reponses:

95% said : US Robotics Courier V.Everything
20% said : Motorola 33.6
7% said : Paradyne or Telebit
5% said : MultiTech

(yeah I know what this adds up to but some folks had more than
one opinion)

Although I won't break down the percentages, a number of people
advised avoiding:

US Robotics Sportster
ANything by Boca, Zoom, Practical Peripherals (basically just avoid
 consumer modems)
Zyxel (surprise?)


Thanks to everyone who responded (or thought about it). This list
is cool. ;-)


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