Summary: Spreadsheets

From: Charles Gagnon (charles@Grafnetix.COM)
Date: Thu Jun 06 1996 - 09:26:47 CDT

Thanks for the quick response to:

        Andrew H. Evans
        Gregory M Polanski
        Tom Doong
        Thang Victor Dinh
        Paul R. Joslin
        Steve Phelps
        Rahul Roy
        Marc S. Gibian
        Salvatore Saieva
        Kris Briscoe
        Geert Devos
        Ningping Fan
        Anatoly M. Lisovsky
        Paul Huffman
        Bert Shure
        Kevin Sheehan
        Matt Hill

The replys suggested these solutions:

1- Use WABI (Included with Solaris) and run Excel.
2- Try an application called Applix.
3- Try a product (commercial) called Xess. I did and it's really nice. The
    only problem is importing Excel sheets in it.
4- Try something called MAE
5- Try Informix WINGZ
6- Try sc
7- Try oleo
8- Try xspread

Thanks again managers.

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