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The original posting:

I'm looking for suggestions for 4mm DAT drives (and a source). I am not
familiar with the formats available, but I need to be compatible with as
many as possible. Any suggestions on the drive itself, or pointers on the
technology will be greatly appreciated.


It appears that there are to formats available:
        DDS-1 - 2gb uncompressed, 4gb compressed on a 90M tape
        DDS-2 - 4gb uncompressed, 8gb compressed on a 120M tape
Most drives support both. The big issue is how reliable they are on Sun
equipment running Solaris 2.5. Most respondants had several DAT drives with
one or more of the following:

Drive Report

Archive Python problematic
Sony SDT-7000 Problematic
HP C1533A Great drive
HP 35480 Problematic

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