SUMMARY: PPP and Solaris 2.5 <-> Windows 3.1

From: D. Klempel (
Date: Mon Jun 03 1996 - 15:26:56 CDT

Thank you for the excellent responses:

Get Trumpet Winsock for your PC from (The University
of Tasmania), under /pc/trumpet. It's a $25 piece of shareware.

For the Workstation:
  (1) go with Solaris' default PPP.
           (a pain to setup and often buggy.)
  (2) Morningstar PPP
           ($895 if you have unlimited pocket change at home!) or
  (3) Slirp.
           (A free, easy to setupslip/ppp emulator you can get at

With regards to setup in Solaris. The admintool should be enough.

If you need a good free POP/E-mail client, check out pegasus at

Check out the PPP Cookbook:

Special Thanks to:

Justin Young
Steve Phelps
Trevor Paquette
Kris Briscoe
Hans Forbrich
Marcel Chukwunenye
M. Turner

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