SUMMARY: Can't read tar tapes from AIX

From: Lynne Pickett
Date: Fri May 31 1996 - 11:40:15 CDT

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for all of those who responed. Most individual suggested using
dd or a combination of dd and tar. I failed to include the fact I tried that
in my original message. The correct answer came from
and as well as from someone in my own orginization almost at
the same time.

The answer was that the orginator was using a higher density tape drive than I
was. I thought the originator knew that I could only read a low density tape
but ... Obviously a bad assumption on my part. We have since recreated the
tape on a 4mm dat drive (same rate) and surprise surprise no problems. I
should have rechecked with the originator to be sure we were using the same
"tape speak".

Guess I will be buying a newer tape drive soon. Thanks again.

- Lynne :>

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I cannot read a tar tape that I have recieved from an IBM/AIX Unix workstation.
I have tried to extract the data using every combination of tar commands I can
think of. This is the second time I have recieved this tape. The first time
it was created with a blocking factor of 20. The second time it was created
with a blocking factor of 0.

Is there some trickey way to get Sun Solaris 2.4 or Sun OS 4.1.3 to recognize
this tar format? I appreciate any suggestions or hints. Thanks in advance.

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