SUMMARY : Disable F1 as Help key in Openwin, or remap help key

Date: Wed May 29 1996 - 21:56:21 CDT

I have sent out the attached request a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for
eveyone who has sent me a response.

With all the responses gathered, it seems like to disable the F1 as help key in
Openwin, look into the file /usr/openwin/lib/Xinitrc or .xinitrc in the home
directory and comment out the line

xmodmap -e 'keysym F1=Help'

Unfortunately we do not have anything similar to this line in our xinitrc file
or any other files. At the end I remapped F12 to perform F1 functions in one
of the Ingres files. Now I still use F1 to get help in Openwin and F12 to
perform all F1 functions in Ingres.


Does anyone know how to disable F1 key as the Help key in Openwin for Solaris
2.4? Or remap the Help key to some other keys?

In Ingres F1 is the menu key. Unfortunately we have difficulties in getting
this to work, instead the Openwindow's Help screen is displayed.

Hope someone will be able to help us.

Thank you,
Priscilla Kwok.

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