Summary: 1G b DISK In an IPC?

From: Joe Gotobed (jgotobed@LPL.Arizona.EDU)
Date: Wed May 29 1996 - 09:20:04 CDT

Thanks to all for their experience. My original query:

->From Tue May 28 09:17...can a modern 1gb disk survive INTERNAL to an IPC?

Provided the new disks draw less current (& hence disipate less heat)
there should be no problems. Many half height up to 5400rpm are OK
but verify against mfg specs...

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>From Tue May 28 09:31:48 1996
        Joe - we have been running a 5400 rpm disk in an IPC for a
        month or so without any problem. A faster disk may be pushing
        your luck though.

>From Tue May 28 10:19:26 1996
        We've had a 1GB disk in one IPC for over two years now and had
        no problems whatsoever. We knew it wouldn't be supported but
        it works just

>From Tue May 28 10:28:54 1996
        They work fine. I've used Seagate ST31200N (Hawk 1LP),
        ST31230N (Hawk 2LP) and ST51080N (Medalist 1080sl) with no
        problems whatsoever. These drives are thinner than the
        original Maxtor drive and, I believe, run cooler.

        Drive size does not seem to matter to an IPC. We are running
        Seagate ST410800N (Elite 9) 9GB drives in external cabinets on
        our servers and have had no problems.

>From Tue May 28 10:55:41 1996
        I have a 2GB Quantum disk in my Sparc 1+ and I have no

        The original issue with the Sparc 1, 1+, IPC etc. was that
        their power supplies were small (in watts) and their internal
        fans were small and could not move a lot of air for cooling.

        The old 104 and 208 MB disks that Sun put in these machines
        (which were for the most part Quantum disks) consumed about 10
        watts each. That's a lot of heat for such a confined area.

        My current Quantum is a 2 GB Saturn drive and it only consumes
        6 watts max.

        From Tue May 28 18:47:57 1996
        No problems whatsoever in our case - we put a low-power,
        low-noise Seagate Hawk 1.6 GB.

>From Tue May 28 19:14:59 1996
        No problem, I can attach a 400M HD to IPX. You can choose the
        5400rpm low profile disk.

>From Wed May 29 06:50:37 1996
        OK. You have to check for heat, that's true. But that's true
        for all suns. So don't use a disk with _more_ than 5400 rpms
        (i.e. 7200 rpms, they would die of heat). This will limit your
        throughput a bit, but at least you want a working system, don't
        you ?

        Then: newer 1 GB-Disk have a lower power consumption than the
        older 200 MB Disks, so you won't have any trouble with that.

        What you need for sure, is that the disk has parity checking

        That's all! Go and get your Disk! have fun! (The disk
        geometry and so on, you may fix later.)

>From Wed May 29 07:00:22 1996
        I have beeb using a Seagate 1Gig for over a year with no

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