SUMMARY: Serial ports under Solaris 2.4

From: Matt Marlow (
Date: Tue May 28 1996 - 11:06:49 CDT

Got 5 replies - and from these I've managed to get AdminTool
back working as before (by commenting out ttya and ttyb in
/etc/saf/zsmon/_pmtab and rebooting), but I'm still unable
to get the ports working like they should.

Specifically, we have a Polhemus 3space Isotrak digitizer
that we connect to the serial port. It used to work just
fine. Then one day, it was suddenly inaccessible thru the
serial port. I've tried connecting it to another machine
and it works fine there. Perhaps our only recourse is to
reinstall the OS?

Thanks for the advice,

Matt Marlow

>>> Original message <<<
> I've got a SPARC 5 running Sol 2.4, and we are trying to
> connect devices to the serial ports. Using AdminTool, we
> have attempted to modify the available ports, but to no
> avail. After making the changes and pressing "Apply", the
> tool still shows <No Service> and we are unable to access
> the ports!
> I'd like to use both ttya and ttyb (and name them as such).
> Is there a simple command-line statement that can do this
> quickly? I've read the Answerbook - actually I didn't find
> it very helpful...

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