SUMMARY: Please help with DNS lookup problem on SunOS 4.1.4

From: Rachel Polanskis (
Date: Fri May 24 1996 - 23:44:21 CDT


I posted last week with a problem whereby Netscape was unable to accept
a canonical name for a news or http address on our local subnet from my
SPARC IPC running SunOS 4.1.4.

I only run a caching named, since I am not yet in the DNS though the machine
could telnet and ftp etc. but WWW and news services via netscape wanted a
numerical address for local access on my subnet.
The system has the resolv+ libraries installed and also uses the libc with DNS
lookup features...

Last week I posted a summary-to-date, with some possible answers.
None of the answers solved my problem,
but the solution turned out to be the addition of a "named.hosts"
file, giving the gateway machine (a linux 486) the job of being the authority
for my network.

Now many networking problems have been solved, including hostname resolution
for local machines using sendmail, and certain X window system apps
needing the -dsiplay variable set before they would work.

Here is what the files look like - keep in mind I am not in the DNS,
and therefore the nameservice is only for local use.

; Boot file for virago caching name server
directory /var/named
; type domain source file or host
cache . root.cache
primary named.hosts

; end of named.boot

; /var/named/named.hosts local hosts at virago
; Origin is
@ IN SOA (
                             16 ;serial
                             86400 ;refresh: once a day
                             3600 ;retry: every hour
                             3600000 ;expire: 42 days
                             604800 ;minimum: 1 week
                IN NS

; local mail is distributed on virago
                IN MX 10 janis

; loopback address
localhost. IN A
; virago Ethernet
janis IN A
; janis is our news, www and ftp server
news IN CNAME janis
www IN CNAME janis
ftp IN CNAME janis
kate IN A
lyvvie IN A
juno IN A
; end of named.hosts

I hope no one sees too much wrong with this setup.
It seems to work rather well, with full name resolution on my local subnet,
and the caching named handling my subnet requests for
the internet as well (via SLIP)


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