SUMMARY:besides fuser, what is the other user to F/S gadget? lsof!

From: Alan Hill (
Date: Fri May 24 1996 - 16:38:19 CDT


lsof, it's better than fried bread,
it's tastier than used flippies,
it's mentioned in the post just after my question,
by Brad Burdick, <> and he quotes Todd Michael Kennedy


Leif Hedstrom <> Wins as fastest to reply!

Ian MacPhedran <Ian_MacPhedran@engr.USask.Ca> A very fast second place, and
a Canadian in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
(hey, Canada has lots of great names, like Dildo, and, well, if I continue,
some ones porno detector will block this message)

"Mike D. Kail" <> Winner for presentation...
| The latest release of lsof is always available via anonymous ftp |
| from Look in pub/tools/unix/lsof. |

Mike Fletcher <>, and may the Homer be with you

Reto Lichtensteiger <>, who quoted OODIST & version # 3.48

Michael Blandford <>, Mikey, who'll try anything

And to all the rest of you great people, Thanks!

Now get the heck away from my mailbox before I send the dog.

Alan Hill, Having a great time at Lanser Tech, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Happy Weekend All!!!!


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