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I received a total of 14 responses to the following question:

Can anyone recommend the software they are using to backup both, Sun and
Mac workstations from the Sun side? It can be shareware or proprietary.

*** The following software was mentioned:

 OpenVision's AXXiON-Netbackup
 SM-ARCH (formerly OpenV*Netbackup) from: Software Moguls
 Legato/Solstice Networker

*** Below are the excerpted comments:

we've been happy with OpenVision's AXXiON-Netbackup (formerly

i've also evaluated SM-ARCH (bad experience), and we used Legato's
Networker prior to Netbackup

I like (and sell) SM-arch from Software Moguls. It's a full networked
client/server package with client support for just about everything
under the sun (lots of Unixes, PCs with or without Windows, NT, Macs)
and it also supports lots of tape devices and jukeboxes. It can have
one central management host operating multiple tape hosts, which
is handy if you have several sites with slower-than-Ethernet links
between them and would like to put a tape host at each site and manage
the whole shebang from one point. Its biggest advantage (to me) over
Legato/Solstice Networker is that it writes tapes in standard UNIX
tar format.

--- There is MacDump (from the CAP sources - meaning PD and free). --- The University of Utah sells/sold a cdev/bdev and the unix sources for about $250 total, for a Dump program for the MacIntosh. The version I have doesn't work with the newer architectures though so you'll probably want a newer version.

--- Try sm-arch software. It is getting very popular. Their address is :

Ph 612.032.6739 fx 612.932.6747

--- That all depends on how many machines you have. I have 10 UNIX boxes, 5 NT PC's and 10 MAC's. I use manual on the NT's, Retrospect on the MAC's and my own script on the UNIX boxes. --- If you want to do both SUN's and MAC's you will probably have to get some software that would allow the SUN's to mount the MAC's and backup that way. --- One thing you must remember is retrieval. DUMP on the SUN's is real easy to use. RETROSPECT on the MAC's is even easier ...BUT... Restoring a file from the SUN side to a MAC is complicated at best. The only software package that I know of is SMArch from Software Moguls but it is REAL EXPENSIVE.

--- We're using Networker (aka Solstice Backup) with good results on Sun/Solaris2. We haven't tested it with macs, but supposedly you can back up filesystems on a mac to a Sun server.

--- I'm not backing up MACs, but I'm backing up SUN's and NT servers with Legato's Networker product (aka Solstice Backup). It is supposed to support MACs as well as Netware servers, HPUX, AIX, IRIX (SGI) and a variety of other platforms.

So far, I'm pretty pleased with it. There's a few kinks in version 4.1.2, but they're minor, and easily gotten around... --- I have not used this for your situation but I beleive Legatto's Networker Save and Restore will do what you want. The client is included with Solaris 2.5. We have used it between Alpha's and Sun's and works great. ---

I use Legato Networker 4.2 server on my Suns. I have Networker client for the Macs which backup to the tape stacker on the Sun. I also use Legato Networker to backup our Novell server.

I highly recommend the Networker product line.

--- Go for Solstice Backup (Legato NetWorker, really) if your budget permits.

It does perfect back up's on the Sun side, and you have a Macintosh client that does the works as well.

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