SUMMARY: NIS+ client init problem

From: Robin Sinclair (
Date: Fri May 24 1996 - 12:25:15 CDT

Problem was:
when I try to initialise a NIS+ client it hangs:

root@client# nisclient -i -d -h masterserver
setting up domain information...
setting up the name service switch...
mv: cannot access /var/nis/NIS_COLD_START

        [ hangs ]

Solution was:

There were 2 network interfaces on the host (a 690MP server running Solaris
2.4); the standard le0 and an SBus FDDI (nf0): le0 was unused but 'up':
doing an 'ifconfig le0 down' fixed the problem.

Muchissimas gracias to for the tip:
"Warning - I hope your master is not a multi-homed (dual interface) will not work - bug in rpcbind."

Thanks also to:
and any others who responded

"My bacon is saved" ( Heraclitus )

Robin Sinclair
WEUSC sysadmin

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