Summary: What version of in.named

From: Manjeet Rekhi (
Date: Fri May 24 1996 - 08:40:00 CDT

Got 2 quick solutions :

1. Run it in 'debug' mode (with '-d') and look in /var/tmp/
2. strings /usr/sbin/in.named | grep '[0-9]\.[0-9]'
   and look for line that begins with SMI under the version.c line.

Unfortunately, 'strings' command is not found in NetraOS 2.0 (Its a
'customized' version of Solaris 2.4, I am told !) I am following up
with Sun on this.

Thanks to :
Bruce Wynn <>
Kevin Lyda <kevin@NDA.COM>

>> Recently, I installed a patch (102479-01) on my Netra 625i box running
>> NetraOS (Solaris 2.4). It replaced my /usr/sbin/in.named file. Though
>> it has fixed the error, I want to know how do I find out the version
>> of in.named file.

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