Summary: Anonymous ftp setup

From: Manjeet Rekhi (
Date: Wed May 22 1996 - 14:20:00 CDT

Looks as if everyone (except me) knew the answer !
Almost everyone suggested to put banned users in
/etc/ftpusers file. Other suggestions included :

1. edit /etc/shell.
2. edit ftpd.conf file for group level management.
3. use wu-ftp for better control.

Right now, I am using /etc/ftpusers file as I don't have many
users but later, I may go for wu-ftp.

Thanks to following and original question follows after that:


Bob Fulwiler <> (Paul McDonald)
Jeff Fisher <>
Fevzi Alimoglu <>
Swee-Chuan Khoo <>
Matt Bottrell <>
Benjamin Cline <> (Jeff Wasilko)

------------Original Question--------------

>Hello Managers,
>I have setup anonymous ftp on my Sun box. Right now, any user
>which is defined in /etc/passwd can ftp to it. I want ONLY
>"anonymous" user to ftp this box. Is it possible ?
>Solaris 2.4/Sparc20

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