SUMMARY: Help needed for SparcServer 20

From: Herbert Wengatz (
Date: Wed May 22 1996 - 10:09:49 CDT

My original question follows:
+> Hi dear fellow Admins!
+> Today I have to adress you, because a friend of mine has a severe problem.
+> He got very cheap a SparcServer20, but - there may be a major drawback:
+> It won't run with a monitor. - In fact, we can't get any kind of connection
+> to the machine.
+> The machine has a onboard-framebuffer and we have a Sun-VGA additionally, if this
+> may help.
+> Connecting a monitor to the framebuffer and the keyboard brings no picture to
+> the screen. Even a Terminal connected to ttya doesn't seem to work.
+> And ethernet? - How, if you don't know the IP-Address?
+> It's difficult for me, too, since my friend lives several kilometers from
+> where I live (different country) so I can't do everything immediately. I have to
+> tell him what he shall do... :(
+> So please, is there anybody out there, who may help ?
+> Regards,
+> Herbert

After some mails, I believe the solution is, that Suns "Server" (especially
the newer ones) are delivered without the expensive Video-RAMs.

So the solution is: simply go and get some. :)

The winner was: (Chris Ellington)

but I also got nice hints from: (Richard J. Niziak) (Timothy Henrion)
Fedor Gnuchev <>

And --- Boys, were YOU FAST !!!! :-))))))))
Thanx a lot to all of you! - I'm quite sure that this is the answer for my problem.



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