SUMMARY: System Error on a Sun 2000

From: Wanda Perrier (
Date: Wed May 22 1996 - 09:41:53 CDT

Original Question:

We are running Solaris 2.4 on a Sun 2000.
User is doing ORACLE export which is terminating with
EXP-00002: error in writing to export file
System error message 22
EXP-00002: error in writing to export file
EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully
EXP-00002 states export could not write to the export file, probably
because of a device error. This message is usually followed by a
device message from the operating system.
The export terminated at a little over 2 gigs but user states she has
gotten this msg before with a less than 2 gig file. The file system has
plenty of space.
There are no messages in message file or any place else. We are
unable to determine what is causing this error or where we can look up
the system error.


Of course I knew this but ...

The problem was the 2 GB file size limit. Thanks to David Steen for
suggesting the export be piped into compress then dropped to tape.
We tried this last night and it worked great.

Thanks to the following for responding:

David Steen <>
Daniel Lorenzini <>
Brian Newell <>
Kevin Sheehan <>

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