SUMMARY: Single connector Seagates

Date: Mon May 20 1996 - 00:51:56 CDT

This is a repost, sorry if you get it twice and sorry
for it being late...

I asked:-
After upgrading some S20s with bigger disks we are left with
a few 1G Seagates that we would like to make use of in S10s.
The official line is that it can't be done because of the
difference in connector style. Does anyone know different
or is there more to it than providing a connector adaptor? (Rick Fincher) replied:-

> CS Electronics sells adapters for those drives that have the appropriate SCSI
> conector, 4 pin molex power plug, and SCSI ID and options selector.
> The sell for between $48-$59 (USD).
> Should be no problem in older systems.
> Their email address is:
> Web page:
> Phone: voice (714) 259-9100, FAX (714) 259-0911

This company also advertises in the back of SunExpert.
I've not yet got any adaptors so can't say if they fit
in S10 boxes easily, I assume the distributor can confirm that.
I'm still waiting for info from Sun regarding the physical
mounting kit.

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