SUMMARY: 4.1.3_U1 Kernel Params

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Fri May 17 1996 - 07:30:33 CDT

Short Roundup of Question: Kernel Tables filling up, computed new Params
as per the Docs, obtained Sizes that looked quite high, asked the List
whether they're reasonable. Complete Question below.

Answer: The Formulas used to compute the new Parameters are a Bit out-
dated and do in Fact give quite high Values. What I finally did was to
change MAXUPRC to (NPROC/3) (everyone should do this unless they have
a very small Process Table!) and up maxusers to 64 (previously 16, For-
mulas gave 128). Bingo! File and Process Table Usage dropped from
50-70% to <20%; during light to medium Usage, that is. No more File
Table going boom so far. ;-)

Thanks to: (Don Lewis)
        (Suggestion: maxusers 32, up derived Params as needed) (Kevin Sheehan)
        (Up Params individually, or even better, up OS to 2.5) (Glenn Satchell)
        (maxusers 64)

Original Question:
> Just a quick Question: I received Word today that it might be Time to
> optimize our Kernel Adjustments. (Read: File Table full. ;-) I'll start
> out with the main User-accessible Machine; That's SunOS 4.1.3_U1B, sun4m
> (SS10/71), 128 MB RAM, differential SCSI with small Disk Farm. I'll lower
> MAXUPRC (relatively to NPROC) while I'm at it.
> The "Problem" is that I typically have 10-20 Users, 60-100 Windows (inclu-
> ding non-Shell Windows and Windows displaying to another Display) and
> 30-40 NFS Clients. According to the "Book", this gives me maxusers=128,
> NPROC=2058, MAXUPRC (now NPROC/3) =686 and nfile=7110, which sounds a
> Bit far out of the Window compared to 16/266/261/1017 now. Is this
> reasonable, or am I going to bury my RAM under a Monster Kernel? :-}

Thanks again,
                                                                J. Bern

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