Summary: X11R6.1 on Solaris 2.4

From: Jim Faust (
Date: Tue May 14 1996 - 10:28:59 CDT

Original Request:
I'm in the process of bringing my first Solaris 2.4 system online
in an environment of 4.1.x systems. Our 4.1.x environment uses
X11R6 and the fvwm window manager and I'd like to duplicate this
in the 2.4 world.

I've successfully compiled and installed gcc 2.7.2 and using gcc,
I've gotten the core X11R6.1 stuff to compile and install. The
problem I'm having is with the contrib portion of the X11R6 install.
I've looked in all the accompanying text and also in the X11 FAQ but
find myself still flying blind.

I'm certain many of you have been down this road before and any help
would be greatly appreciated.

It was generally agreed that the contrib portion of the X11 release
requires a much more labor intensive install than the core X11 stuff.
While it's theoretically possible to perform a full install from the
top level of the contrib directory it's probably not the thing to do.

I attempted to run a full install of the programs directory using the

> xmkmf -a
> make Makefiles
> make
> make install
> make install-man

I had to do alot of playing with this because the Imakefile was
configured for a couple more programs than were actually in the
distribution. Ultimately, I looked in the manifest to determine what
programs I wanted, went to the individual program directory and did
everything listed above except "make Makefiles".

Thanks a bunch for all that helped.


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