SUMMARY: Converting Sparc 1+'s to X-terms. How?

From: Henrik Schmiediche (
Date: Mon May 13 1996 - 13:24:03 CDT

Thanks to all who responded. My question was how to convert
Sparc 1+'s to X-terminals under Solaris 2.5.


   0) Don't convert them to xterms. Sparc 1+'s run Solaris
      fine except that you need a little bit more RAM (and
      hard disk space).

   1) Purchase SunSoft AutoClient software which will make
      a system a dataless client with no local file systems.
      The hard disk is used as a cache.

   2) Make the system a dataless client. The / and swap
      file systems are local the rest mounted over the net.
      Solaris 2.6 will not support dataless clients---but it
      seems that one can still manually configure them to
      be dataless clients by simply mounting /usr remotely(???).

   3) Use X-kernel from
      which will convert a Sparc 1+ into an X-Terminal using
   4) Install Linux on them.

   5) Install SunOS 4.1.4 mount X11R6.1 remotely and configure
      the system to act as an X-term.

Options 3, 4, 5 are not options if you need Display Postscript.
I need Display Postscript, do I will make them diskless clients and
use the entire local hard disk as a large swap. If and when
the hard disk dies, the swap space is mounted remotely. This
is my plan of action right now. Thanks.

     - Henrik

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