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From: Sajjad Ahmed (
Date: Mon May 13 1996 - 12:28:59 CDT

Hello sun-managers,

SUMMARY of imagetool problem:

 The questions...
1) program call to imagetool results in...
> imagetool: fatal: can't open file: errno=2
> Killed
 When trying to run imagetool from the programs menu...

> /usr/openwin/bin/imagetool: fatal: can't open file:
> errno=2

2)Similar error message for when running another

The answers...

1) The consensus answer was an installation of SUNWxilrt from the
solaris 2.3 cd implemented via pkgadd.


   Other answers included setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to point
to the correct directories, and also checkimg the symbolic links via ldd

# ldd /usr/openwin/bin/imagetool

(errno=2 indicates that the file is not found)

2) The consensus answer was that is not found in solaris
2.3. It is part of solaris 2.4+ (sol. 2.4 Motif Toolkit SUNWmfdev,
mfman, mfwm, and fdm). Where one of the options is installed along with
the OS. For solaris 2.3 Sun's Motif toolkit, or alternatively a 3rd
party Motif toolkit would have to be bought.

Thanks to all who responded...the speed of replies was AMAZING!

Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
Tony Kay <tony@dubai.Sun.COM>
Darren King <>
Frode Stromsvag <>
Alan Hill <>
Richard Aures <>
David Procter <>
David Staggs <>
Justin Young <>

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