Summary : Syslog is empty

From: Manjeet Rekhi (
Date: Mon May 13 1996 - 10:30:00 CDT

Thanks for overwhelming response ! The consensus was to have at least
following entry in "/etc/syslog.conf" file : /var/log/syslog

and soft-starting syslogd daemon. It worked fine the first time !

Other entries to be considered are :

*.info /var/log/syslog
*.notice /var/log/syslog
*.debug /var/log/syslog

Thanks to : (Dave England) (Daniel)
Salvador Ramirez <sram@inf.UDEC.CL>
Chris Ellington <> (Dave McFerren)
Fedor Gnuchev <> (Peter Bestel)

Original question follows :

Once again, I come for collective wisdom of noble sun-managers !

My system has /var/log/syslog file of 0(zero) bytes. While setting up
anonymous ftp server, I was supposed to get ALL messages in this file.
(I am starting ftpd with -l option). I can successfully login as
anonymous user, transfer file but syslog file doesn't make any entry.

I have checked that :

1. /etc/syslog.conf exists (rw-r--r-- root sys)
2. /usr/sbin/syslogd exists(rwxr--r-- root sys) and daemon is running.

System : Netra625i with NetraOS (SS20 with Solaris 2.4 - customized)

Any help is appreciated and I will summarize.


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