SUMMARY: sendmail configuration error

From: Dave McFerren (
Date: Fri May 10 1996 - 14:56:01 CDT

I know I posted a summary my solution to my problem, but it was incorrect. This is the true solution. Originally, I had errors that said "configuration errors" in a bounced mail message. I was correctly told to put the hosts that I wanted my machine to recieve mail for in a Cw line, or a Cm line. I then HUP'd the sendmail daemon and continued to troubleshoot. I continued to get errors, but now I got errors that looked like "MX file for server is mailserver". The mail would be delivered, but I would also get the bounced mail, both to the sender and to the Postmaster.

I spent over a day and a half troubleshooting mail, rewriting rulesets and running sendmail in debugging mode, only to find out that you must _KILL_ the sendmail daemon and then do your debugging. Hupping does NOT work. After I killed the daemon adn restarted it, the mail became a sweet flower on a summers day.

Lesson learned the hard way: Always KILL the sendmail daemon before retesting.

Dave McFerren
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