SUMMARY: Creator3D and X11R6.1

From: Trevor Paquette (
Date: Thu May 09 1996 - 16:10:30 CDT

Looks like it can't be done.. yet..
The X11R6.1 devices only support up to a cg12(?)... the Fast Frame buffers
are not supported yet.

My message:
>Are there any modes needed for X11R6.1 and Sun's 3D Creator Card? Or
>will it all just work right out of the box?

From: Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services
Date: Tue May 7, 9:52

I'd suggest that if you want to take full benefit of the hardware
acceleration you'd need to be using the XGL interface, since Sun's XGL
knows how to drive the card to full potential.

Chances are that it will default back to a dumb framebuffer, but that's
not what you paid the big bucks for is it?


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From:    Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
Date:    Tue May  7,  9:08

You'll need to use Sun's Xserver (you can run the R6 clients and unless you depend on R6 specific extensions, you're better of running Sun's X server.

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