SUMMARY: Upping RLIMIT_NOFILE on Solaris 2.3

Date: Thu May 09 1996 - 10:48:36 CDT

Another round of search on SunSolve found the answer in a Sun
Technical Bulletin title 'Sun Performance Tuning Overview',
doc # 1130, pages 48 & 49. Here's how to bump up the maximum
number of open file descriptors per process from 64 to 128:

# adb -k -w /kernel/unix /dev/mem
physmem 5e13
rlimits: 7fffffff 7fffffff 7fffffff 7fffffff
                7ffff000 7ffff000 800000 7ffff000
                7fffffff 7fffffff 40 400
                7fffffff 7fffffff
rlimits+0x28: 0x40 = 0x80
rlimits+0x28: 0x40 = 0x80

This is supposed to patch the running kernel too but I tested it
after the change and it didn't work. I'll wait for the next
reboot to see if it'll take effect then.


Viet Hoang Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T Systems & Technologies business)

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