SUMMARY: boot up failure

From: Rosman Mohd Saud (
Date: Sun May 05 1996 - 22:07:46 CDT

Thanks to these people :-
 "Duane R. Larkin" <>
 Fedor Gnuchev <>
 Colin Melville <>

I started off by booting from cdrom and ran fsck on the root partition.
There was a block corrupted, so I ran the format utility and repaired
the offending block, then rebooted the system.

Unfortunately, I still had the same error.

Then I booted from cdrom again and this time I copied the file swapgeneric
(it is in the /cdrom/export/exec/kvm/sparc.sun4m.Solaris_2.3/kernel/misc
 if you are using Solaris 2.3) from cdrom to /kernel/misc of the hard disk.

After that the system booted up okay.

(Original Posting)
> Someone did an improper shutdown (i.e. just switch off the system).
> Now the system (SS10 with Solaris 2.3), cannot boot up.
> It displays the message "(Can't load swapgeneric) Halted" just after the
> copyright message.
> Now, how do I get out of this mess (short of restoring the entire file
> system from back up)?

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