SUMMARY: AFTER successfully installing gcc-2.7.2

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Date: Sun May 05 1996 - 16:35:31 CDT

Hi, Friends:

My original question was:


Hi, Friends:

Another question about AFTER installing gcc-2.7.2:

(1). After successfully installed gcc-2.7.2 on my Solaris 2.4 system,
can I remove the source codes and/or libraries from the installation
directory? For my case, I put the gcc-2.7.2.tar.gz in the
/home/download directory and gunzip & untar from within that directory,
so it generated /home/download/gcc-2.7.2/ directory and lots of
subdirectories, of course. So the question is whether I can remove
the /home/download/gcc-2.7.2 directory (and its subdirectories)?

(2). Because I built gcc in a directory, which is /usr/local/gcc in
my case, other than the one containing the source files, which is
/home/download, so I need to follow the special instructions
stated in the gcc-2.7.2's INSTALL file by doing the following:
Go to the directory in which you want to build the gcc compiler
before running 'configure'. In my case this directory is /usr/local/gcc.
Then do the following: mkdir gcc-sun3;cd gcc-sun3. Then do the
installation from this /usr/local/gcc/gcc-sun3 directory.

So my 2nd question is: after the installation, there are lots of *.c, *.h,
*.o files and libraries in this directory. Can I remove this
/usr/local/gcc/gcc-sun3 directory?

Thanks in advance.




The answer to the questions is "yes" for both (1) & (2).

The 'make install' copies everything that the compiler needs to
the installation target directory (the default is /usr/local,
however, in my case, it is /usr/local/gcc directory).

Thanks for the following people who answered my question:



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