SUMMARY: LONG: DNS resolves in nslookup, but not for ping, telnet, etc.

From: Elaine Mele (
Date: Fri May 03 1996 - 12:01:39 CDT

The problem we were having was due to a DNS problem. That was fixed by
another NEC office.

Thank to all who wrote with suggestions:

Reto Lichtensteiger <>
"Christopher E. Olaes" <>
Ray Trzaska <>
 Timothy Henrion <>
Cheng Xu <>
"Daniel J Blander - Sr. Systems Engineer for ACS"
John Hall <>
Matthew Stier - Imonics Corporation <>
"Christopher M. Chin" <chris@Advent.COM>
 Michael Baumann <>
Rahul Roy <>

Elaine Mele
Systems Administrator
NEC Systems Laboratory, Inc.

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