SUMMARY : syslogd error while booting

From: Bert Hoogendoorn (
Date: Fri May 03 1996 - 14:09:30 CDT

Thank's to all who responded,

question :

1. While the system boots the console displays : syslogd : line 30 : unknown host loghost.
    What is the source of this error message and how do I fix it.

answer :

Define 'loghost' in the local /etc/hosts file

example: yourlocalhost loghost

This did it for me.

, and put 'files' first for the host lookup choices in /etc/nsswitch.conf.

hosts: files nis [NOTFOUND=return]

2. When I enter shutdown I got the message : showmount : RPC : program not registered.
    What does this mean, everything seems to work ok.

This message is quite normal and could be safely ignored.

Best regards,
Bert Hoogendoorn

Bert Hoogendoorn,
System administrator,
Laboratorium DZH


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