From: Mark Morley (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1996 - 21:01:30 CDT

My web server recently started exhibiting a problem that was due to
reaching the listen() queue limit. The symptoms included broken images
and taking forever at the "Contacting host" stage.

It took a week or two of asking many questions in various newsgroups to
determine what the problem was and how to fix it. Along the way I learned
that many people out there have run into the same problem.

So I've put together a web page that explains how to modify the listen()
queue maximum under SunOS 4.1.x. The URL is:

In my case the symtoms mentioned above are completely eliminated. Not
only that, but the number of daily web hits increased by 25,000 overnight!
That's how many web accesses per day were getting dropped on the floor
because the queue was full.


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