Summary: RE: Sol 2.4 / xdm / console message handling

From: Roddy McColl (
Date: Thu May 02 1996 - 19:55:39 CDT

Original message :-

> Running Sol 2.4 and experimenting with xdm (using default files which
> came with the OS, i.e. as root just type "/usr/openwin/bin/xdm").
> All I changed for my env was to create a .xinitrc file (from
> /usr/openwin/lib/Xinitrc) which in turn called my .openwin-init as per
> the non-xdm way (log in and auto start the window system from .login).
> However, although I have a cmdtool invoked with the "-C" option, if I
> do something like "su" the console alert appears in the middle of my
> workspace rather than in the "cmdtool -C" window.

Thanks to the following for their help :- (Bruce Cheng) (Johnie Stafford) (Bruce Cross)
ria@ats (SysAdmin)

There were several suggestions. However, it turned out that I had made
an error, and a sh process owned by root was left lying around, giving
root control of /dev/console and therefore not allowing other root
owned processes to give it away. Killing this process resolved all my

If you have these difficulties, one clear sign that there is something
wrong is if the xconsole window does not appear, or if you try to
manually start it you get a message saying "Couldnt open console."

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