SUMMARY late collision on SunSwift

Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 22:41:32 CDT

Managers - quick and accurate responses as always.

The problem with the late collisions was the half/full duplex capability of the
SunSwift card (or lack of it). I had the 28115 configured for Full duplex
which the SunSwift card cannot handle. Reconfiguring the hub to half duplex
cleared the problem and improved the network performance.

Thanks to (Don Lewis)
Steve Phelps <> (David B. Peterson) (Tom Mornini)

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Hello managers,
                I am getting a lot of "late collision" messages on my Axil box.
The Axil is configured thus,

        dual 81 superSPARCS
        Solaris 2.5 - no patches
        SunSwift 100baseT and Fast Wide SCSI SBus card
                - 100 BaseT connected to 28115 SynOptics Hub

The error message is

        May 1 14:22:30 leviathan unix: SUNW,hme0: late collision

These messages appear regularly but do not appear to adversely affect the
network performance. However the machine is not heavily loaded yet and it may
be a problem later.

The SunSwift adapter message as it is detected on bootup

        SUNW,hme0: FEPS (Rev Id = 22) Found
        SUNW,hme0 at sbus0: SBus slot 3 0x8c00000 and SBus slot 3 0x8c02000 and SBus slot 3 0x8c04000 and SBus slot 3 0x8c06000 and SBus slot 3 0x8c0700 0 SBus level 4 sparc ipl 7
        SUNW,hme0 is /iommu@f,e0000000/sbus@f,e0001000/SUNW,hme@3,8c00000
        SUNW,hme0: Using Internal Transceiver
        SUNW,hme0: 100 Mbps Link Up

Anyone with any thoughts on whether this is a potential problem?


Stephen Fitzgerald

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Stephen Fitzgerald
Network and Task Manager
Maritime Operations Division Phone : +61 8 259 5992
DSTO Salisbury, South Australia Fax : +61 8 259 5139

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