SUMMARY: Unable to telnet or rlogin

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Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 11:59:48 CDT


Here is my original post:

> Hi gurus,
> Since we have upgraded to Solaris 2.5 we have intermittent problems
> with telnet and rlogin on this specific host (Sparc20).
> The message we have when we rlogin to the upgraded host is:
> rlogind: open /dev/ptmx: No such device.
> Connection closed.
> and we have the similar problem with telnetd.
> I verified that /lib/pt_chmod has --s--x--s as protection.
> I verified also in the /etc/system file and there are no entry for
> the number of pseudo terminals I can create (pt_cnt). So I deduce that
> the default is 64.
> The only solution up to date is the "ugly" reboot.

(Shame on me ..., I got the answer in my question ...)

The answer is to add the following line to your /etc/system file:

                        set pt_cnt = nnn

        where nnn is the max number of pty's you want (128 or 256 by example).

The error message crops up because /dev/ptmx is a 'clone' device,
rlogin oopens /dev/ptmx and it clones itself and allocates a new pty,
when it runs out it can't open the 49th one (for exaple) bnecause that
device doesn't exist.

Thank a lot for people who took time to answer:

Andi Paton :
Tony Kay : Tony.Kay@dubai.Sun.COM
Glenn Satchell:
Bob Fulwiler:
Fedor Gnuchev:
Jon Maiman:

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