SUMMARY: /etc/mnttab reboots to world writable

From: Andrew Lamb (
Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 10:39:25 CDT

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Original Question:

        Every time my Sparc Classic Solaris reboots the file
        /etc/mnttab is set to world writable. How can I stop this?

Full Replies:

From: Wolf Gruter <>

        you could change change the ownership back to the way you
        want it in one of the rc scripts.Probably best in /sbin/rc3.

From: Henry Katz <>

        to unravel your messup change sh to sh -x in line 50 of
        /sbin/rc2 and watch the classic boot up carefully.

From: Groovy Francis <>
        I spoke to Sun Support about this. They tell me it is a known
        problem since Solaris 2.2. It has a bugid but I don't know
        what it is offhand. The current workaround is to modify
        /etc/init.d/MOUNTFSYS so that it sets the umask before mounting
        things, that is, make it look like the following

        if [ $NQUOTA -gt 0 ]
                echo "Checking UFS quotas: \c"
                /usr/sbin/quotacheck -a -p
                echo "done."
                umask 033 <-- line added
                /usr/sbin/quotaon -a
        This will fix your permission problem.

From: Torsten Metzner <>
        in my opinion the setmnt command in /etc/init.d/buildmnttab
        creates the mnttab:
        18: tom@euler[init.d]> grep setmnt buildmnttab

        buildmnttab:echo "${mntlist}" | /usr/sbin/setmnt

        You can change this to:

        echo "${mntlist}" | /usr/sbin/setmnt
        chmod 664 /etc/mnttab

        I didn't try this, but I think this should work.

        BTW you can ( should ) change this in /etc/init.d/buildmnttab,
        but it is used in /etc/rcS.d/
        buildmnttab and are the same files. is a hardlink to buildmnttab.

Solution Used:

        I added the line "umask 033" to /etc/init.d/MOUNTFSYS as suggested
        by Groovy (?) Francis. This problem had only begun after I had
        implemented quotas on my machine, activating the section of code in
        MOUNTFSYS that Groovy refers to.

        Thanks heaps all of you for taking the time to help me. Andrew

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