SUMMARY: Dialin on SPARC 20 serial line

From: John Rosenberg (
Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 05:27:12 CDT

Thanks for all the assistance; in fact I have it working. To keep this summary
(sort of) short, I shall genuinely summarize, and suggest that anyone who wants
a transcript of all of the mail on the subject request it of me.

1. Follow Celeste's guide, generally speaking. (She is so nice, and offered such
courteous assistance, that I will give her a free little ad):
   Celeste Stokely, Unix System Administration Consultant, Stokely Consulting
       Celeste's Tutorials on Solaris 2.x/SunOS 4.1.3+ Modems & Terminals
           are available via the Web at
              or via ftp at

2. Suggested modem: USR Courier (-not- Sportster) 14.4. Celeste suggests 28.8,
but a LOT of people say that they specifically had lots of trouble with the lat-
ter, and no trouble with the former. What can I say? Celeste is in the telecom
business, and knows how to twiddle every damned EEPROM bit in the modem. So
14.4 is gonna work. USR is suggested, but others work fine. Just don't buy that
$100 would-be modem from Egghead.

3. Use a serial splitter cable, available from Sun, for the above. Or use a
terminal server (ex, Cisco router); then 28.8 should be fine on all lines.

4. If you are using Solaris 1, you -must- install the jumbo TTY patch (Patch

5. If you prefer PPP [I have not tried this yet], get the -free- ppp-2.2,
available, at Or if you want to spend
money, Celeste and others like Morningstar PPP ($1,000 or so, I think).

6. Again, write me if you want the whole (70KB) transcript.

7. This is a summary, not an affidafid, folk. Please forgive mistakes and any
disagreement you may have. If enough people send disagreements, I will post them

Thanks to my respondents (in order of response, although I engaged in extended
conversation with some; all were kindly and helpful, not a single flame!): (Celeste Stokely) (Tom Doong)
Peter Marelas <maral@Sprint.COM.AU>
weasel! (Robert W. DiNuccio) (Mattias Zhabinskiy)
Jim Faust <>
Wis Macomson <>
Bert Shure <>
Michael Baumann <>
Stephen Sayer <>
Jay Gallivan <> (Paul Burke)
Nico Garcia <>
Andrew Lamb <>

One final comment (from Nico):

   PGP is obviously a good idea: look at who objects to it.

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