SUMMARY - Replacing Sun Mouse

From: Becker, Mark (
Date: Mon Apr 29 1996 - 18:09:00 CDT

A while back I asked if I could replace my Sun Mouse with a PC Trackball.
After taking a close look at the responses, the Sun Interface Converter and
the mice in question, it seems that the major problem in using a PC mouse
is that the connectors are significantly different. Voltage levels may also
but I suspect that with enough knowledge you could manufacture a simple
adapter. Failing that, buy Sun's Interface Converter.

The following responses were received.
thanks to
Nikos George
Yes! Sun sells a little thingy that connects to the keyboard and mouse port
and gives you the ability to connect any PC keyboard and mouse.
I have my Sun catalog at home, so if you want I can give you the part no.
(and the price) tomorrow! Let me know

Tom Trainor

Thought I was the only one out there who {ummmm) didn't like the optical
mouses! I have a logitech model number M-CN15-8MD.


Rick Caldwell

The new Sun Express catalog lists a converter on page 76 to allow the
use of ps/2 devices on your sun.

Sun Interface Converter X465a/c6 $75

fax info # 30250 at 800 use sunx (873-7869)



Mark Becker

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