SUMMARY: booting Sol2.5 thro' a router

Date: Mon Apr 29 1996 - 09:37:03 CDT


Thanks for all you help. I should have said that I was trying to boot a
dataless client.

Three approaches were suggested. The first was that the router could help, by
broadcasting a default route using RIP,or by acting as a proxy arp server.
I've passed these suggestions on to our networking Guru. I'm not sure that the
RIP-based idea is any good as in.routed probably isn't running at this point?
The second was that the /etc/bootparams file could be used. I noticed that
'hostconfig' is called from just before the 'route' command in the
/etc/rcS/rootuser script, but couldnt find out how to put default route info
into it. The 'man' page isn't very helpful. Running

hostconfig -n -p bootparam

when the system is up produces optimistic looking output though. But Sunsolve
has more bugs for hostconfig than you can shake a stick at.

The other suggestions were variations on library accesses, eg setting up
/usr/lib in the root directory. It needs to have

as reported by 'ldd /usr/lib/route'. This then gets overlayed when the
proper /usr get mounted, but is enough to get the route set up. This needs
only a few megs in /.

Torsten pointed out the problem with shipping things into /etc/lib, ie the
'route' exec has the filestring "/usr/lib/" (the "interpreter?") built
in. See 'man ldd'. Presumably 'route' can be patched to point to /etc/lib, and
this too would work. I'm off to try that!

Thanks to...

Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM> (Gary Richardson) (Andrew H. Evans)
Torsten Metzner <> (Perry Hutchison)
Trent MacDougall <>

The original query...

Subject: booting Sol2.5 thro' a router

We had a good scheme for doing this in 4.1.3, viz a static
version of "route". It seems there's no such thing in Solaris2(2.5).
The problem is getting a route set up in /etc/init.d/rootusr. See the comments

I tried setting up /etc/lib with stuff out of /usr/lib. "LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
gets pointed here at the start of the script. I experimented with running
"route" against /etc/lib in normal user mode on a running system, using truss
to see what library files were needed. These I put into /etc/lib. BUT when
I try to boot, route always blows up with a complaint that /usr/lib/
cant be found.

Any way out of this?

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